Yours, Lise

Letters from the exile of Lise Meitner, physicist

An audiobook by Stefan Frankenberger

July 13, 1938: The renowned nuclear physicist Lise Meitner, approaching the age of 60, sits on the train that will take her to the German-Dutch border and then to the safety of exile in Sweden. After months of uncertainty and fear, as a Jew in Nazi Germany, she has abandoned everything: her friends, her career, and her beloved adopted home, the city of Berlin, where she had become a pioneer in the world of nuclear physics.


Yours, Lise is based on the letters Lise Meitner exchanged with her friends in Germany and all around the globe, enriched with music, making it a full-scale audio landscape of this time. It bears witness to the momentous era when physics determined the course of world history, from the discovery of nuclear fission in 1938 to the first airdrop of atomic bombs over Japan in 1945. 


Readings by Kate Reading, Brian Hemmingsen, Stephen McLaughlin, and Henry Kramer



ISBN 978-3-86847-585-2 (Download)

Length: 1:25 h

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